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Liberation’s aims

We are calling for full implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and so campaign for:

  • A human rights approach to mental distress/trauma in place of a dominant medical model

  • A strong emphasis on equal rights too for people in mental distress who encounter more than one form of discrimination

  • A focus on independent living in the community and wide-ranging opportunities for community involvement

  • Equal access to physical health services, an adequate standard of living, social and leisure opportunities, education, voluntary work and employment

  • Freedom from discrimination, degrading treatment and abuse

  • An end to substitute decision-making, detention in psychiatric hospitals, forced treatment and community treatment orders

  • The funding needed to make independent living a reality, with a strong emphasis on user-led, alternative, non-clinical and culturally appropriate options

  • Awareness-raising about rights set out in the Convention, including the fundamental changes in society and its structures which will be vital, and ways of achieving these

  • The meaningful involvement of user-led organisations at political, commissioning, structural, service and community levels.


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